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PrimeLock®, PFA
Tee Adapter, PureBond® Pipe

Ordering Information

Part NumberO.D. Tube SizePipe SizeOrificeDimensions     
PT-16K12P16P-31"3/4"×1"20.6 mm142.49 mm70.36 mm65.02 mm26.67 mm20.57 mm33.53 mm26.16 mm38.10 mm38.10 mm


PrimeLock® Insertion Tools for Fitting Assembly
PrimeLock® Nut Locking Safety Device
PrimeLock® and Flaretek® Heating Tools
Tube Cutters
PureBond® Welding Tools 1" Benchmount Kit
PureBond® Welding Tools 2" Benchmount Kit

Technical Information

PrimeLock® Fittings and Technical Information-
PrimeLock® Tube Cut Length and Fitting Assembly for 1/4" - 1 1/2150KB
PrimeLock® Bench Top Insert Installation Instructions1,003KB
PrimeLock® Handheld Insert Installation Instructions1,091KB
PrimeLock® Minimum Tube Unions Insert Installation Instructions553KB
PrimeLock® Hot-Air Gun Insert Installation Instructions543KB
PrimeLock® Directional Sleeve Mandrels Technical Note453KB
PrimeLock® Lined Clamp Inserts Technical Note160KB

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