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PrimeLock® PFA Tube Fittings for the Semiconductor Industry
High performance fittings improve safety within your manufacturing system

PrimeLock® fittings are clean, robust and very easy to assemble. With audible and visual indicators, users can quickly verify proper makeup of the connection. The ultra clean design provides enhanced reliability and safety within your system with an all PFA wetted construction. PrimeLock fittings are fully tested using Entegris' stringent testing and qualification methodology. This extremely robust, clean fitting is the most reliable connection technology on the market.

Robust thread design provides no cross-threading, quick makeup and increased sealing force
Non wetted insert reduces entrapment, leak points and flow interruptions
No heat required to flare tubing, saving time and money
Connection verification ring has audible and visual indication of proper fitting makeup
All fitting sizes are compatible with high-temperature chemical processes.
Dual-wrench design for 1 1/2" nuts makes it easier to assemble fittings, saving time and money
PrimeLock connections expanded to CR4 and CR8 valves, sensing and control and select filters
PrimeLock fittings are now available in 1/4" - 1 1/2" sizes with the following configurations:




Nuts and Caps

Inserts and Connection Verifications Rings

Questions? Please contact your Regional Customer Service Center for more information.


High-purity, corrosive chemical handling
Semiconductor applications
 - Photolithography
 - Bulk chemical delivery
 - CMP
 - Wet etch and clean
 - High-temperature cleaning processes
Solar, LED, flat panel display
Excellent performance with low surface tension chemistries


 1/4" - 1 1/4" Sizes 1 1/2" Size
Materials:Body, insert, nutPFA
Connection verification ringETFE
Operating conditions:Media pressure@ 21°C (70°F) @ 21°C (70°F)
827 kPa (120 PSIG) 689 kPa (100 PSIG)
  @ 200°C (392°F) @ 150°C (302°F)
 276 kPa (40 PSIG) 276 kPa (40 PSIG)
 Temperature range (fluid)-18°– 200°C (0°– 392°F)-18°– 150°C (0°– 302°F)
Compliant: RoHS

Applicable PFA Tube Dimensions

O.D.O.D. ToleranceWall ThicknessWall Thickness Tolerance
6.35 mm±0.10 mm±1.19 mm±0.10 mm
9.52 mm±0.10 mm±1.57 mm±0.13 mm
12.70 mm±0.13 mm±1.57 mm±0.13 mm
19.05 mm±0.13 mm±1.57 mm±0.13 mm
25.40 mm±0.13 mm±1.57 mm±0.13 mm
31.75 mm±0.18 mm±1.90 mm±0.18 mm
38.10 mm±0.18 mm±2.18 mm±0.18 mm

PrimeLock® Cross-section: Three Backup Seals

Fittings Reliability Test Results

Test TypeTest ConditionsAcceptance CriteriaResults
Burst pressureMedia pressure increased until leak occursNo external leakage prior to tube rupturingPASS
No external leakage
Cyclic pressure leak test1/4"-1 1/4": 1241 kPa (180 PSIG) water @ 23°C (73°F)No external leakage after 1 million cycles @ 1.5 × rated pressurePASS
No external leakage
1 1/2": 1034 kPa (150 PSIG) water @ 23°C (73°F)
1/4"-1 1/4": 414 kPa (60 PSIG) hydraulic oil @ 200°C (392°F)No external leakage after 1 million cycles @ 1.5 × rated pressurePASS
No external leakage
1 1/2": 414 kPa (60 PSIG) hydraulic oil @ 150°C (302°F)
High pressure leak testSubmerge fitting
Apply nitrogen pressure equaling 80% of the tube burst pressure
No external leakage allowedPASS
No external leakage
Tube pull out testApply tensile load to tube/fitting until tube separates from fitting1/4" (178 N) 40 lbf
3/8" (400 N) 90 lbf
1/2" (534 N) 120 lbf
3/4" (890 N) 200 lbf
1" (1112 N) 250 lbf
1 1/4" (1557 N) 350 lbf
1 1/2" (1779 N) 400 lbf
Chemical testingSulfuric acid
Copper sulfate
No external leakage after 2 million cyclesPASS

Performance Data

Note: Consult factory for applications outside these pressure ranges.

Insert Installation Tools

See PrimeLock® tool offerings including handheld and bench top insertion tools, mandrels, clamp inserts, wrenches.

Handheld Insertion Tool

Bench Top Insertion Tool

PrimeLock® Nut Wrenches

Data Sheet

Download and view the PrimeLock® Fittings data sheet in Adobe PDF format. You will first need to have the Adobe Acrobat Reader ActiveX control or plug-in installed on your computer.


Watch PrimeLock® videos on YouTube. Web-based version supported on most mobile phones and devices.

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Watch PrimeLock® videos using your default video player. To download, right click on a segment, select "Save Target As..." and specify the download location.

PrimeLock® Technology and Installation Overview

PrimeLock® Insert Installation Instructions
Bench Top Insertion Tool
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