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EP PFA Flare Fittings
Ultrapure fittings for high-flow, high-purity applications

Entegris EP PFA flare fittings are well suited for any corrosive or high-purity application. These durable fittings are manufactured in a Class 10,000 cleanroom facility from virgin PFA, then cleaned and double-bagged to ensure ultimate cleanliness prior to installation.

Double seals provide secure barriers to withstand harsh conditions
 - Primary seal on fitting nose and tube ID
 - Secondary seal on the fitting body and nut
Over-torquing the nut is impossible due to a hard-stop which prevents the union from being improperly tightened
Auxiliary clips can be attached to the fitting and nut to visually indicate if rotation of the components occurs after final installation


Ideal for long distance runs to reduce pressure drops in large fab installations
FPD high viscosity chemistries and large volume flows

Fitting Connection System


Materials:Fitting BodyPFA
Sleeve RingPVDF
Maximum Operating Pressure:5 kg/cm2 (71 PSIG)
Maximum Operating Temperature:65°C (149°F)