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EP PFA Flare Fittings
Tee Union, Reducer

Ordering Information

 Nominal SizeDimensions
Part NumberX Y ZAB
EPLURT24-4-2440 mm×1/4"×40 mm114.0 mm63.0 mm
EPLURT24-8-2440 mm×1/2"×40 mm114.0 mm72.9 mm
EPLURT24-12-2440 mm×3/4"×40 mm114.0 mm73.9 mm
EPLURT24-16-2440 mm×1"×40 mm114.0 mm80.0 mm

Designed for use with Entegris EPLT-24 (40 mm) tubing.


EP PFA Flare Wrenches
EP PFA Flare Mandrels
EP PFA Flare Gauge Tool

Technical Information

EP PFA Tube Fitting Flare and Assembly Instructions for 40 mm Connections431KB

You will first need to have the Adobe Acrobat Reader ActiveX control or plug-in installed on your computer.