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Galtek® Threadable Pipe Fittings
Part Number System

FMC 2-4

  The size of the fitting is denoted here. If all connections on the fitting are the same there will only be one number in this section. If the connections on the fitting are not the same the number will have a dash as shown in the example.
The number or numbers represent the number of 1/16's in the dimensions.
(i.e., 2=2/16" or 1/8", 4=4/16" or 1/4")

This letter or combination of letters denotes the fitting style.
(i.e., FMC = Pipe Thread Reducer)

FMC=Pipe Thread Reducer
FME=Street Elbow
FSU=Female Pipe Connector
FUT=Female Pipe Tee
FUE=Female Pipe Elbow
PU=Pipe Union
P=Pipe Plug
N=Pipe Nipple