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Custom PureBond® Assemblies

Experienced System Design and Engineering
Your needs for piping systems of durable PFA will be solved working with Entegris. Our experience in fluid handling, in providing design support and in CAD applications will ensure that our design addresses your needs.

Entegris Will Work With You
Be assured you have selected the right vendor. Entegris’ experience in designing and manufacturing fluid handling products is focused on your design while we work together to create the solution to your need. You can use the experience Entegris has gained in more than 25 years as a worldwide leader in high technology fluid delivery systems within the semiconductor and specialty chemical industries.

PFA Fluid Handling Solutions
A PFA fluid handling system is a strong, durable chemical resistant delivery system. A wide range of pressure and temperature capabilities suits PFA to a wide range of applications. Added benefits of this material are high purity and corrosion resistance.

Your Need
Working with you, we will translate your need into a solution, whether it be a subassembly or an entire system. Our experience in fluid handling and with PFA will ensure your need receives dedicated attention to reach a viable solution. Some of our PureBond® fusible piping applications include:
Visible liquid in sight gauge or level indicator
Connection between two different connector styles such as flange to NPT
Reduction in line size with several regulated drops, some manually controlled, some pneumatically controlled
Instrument drops to flexible tube transport system
Manifold assemblies used in bulk chemical delivery systems

Your need will be thoroughly evaluated and a quotation will be developed. Some of the items included in the evaluation are:
Product definition
Pressure/temperature profile
Product detail such as size, volume, type of material that will be handled
Special tooling or fixtures

Your Design
After the quotation has been accepted, your design will be created. Experienced engineers and designers will execute this design using our modern CAD system to design quickly and accurately to your specifications. Designs will encompass:
New component molding
Special dimensions
3-dimensional configurations such as special angles
The design process can include your formal approval of a design drawing.
Many components can be used in your design including:
Manual and pneumatic valves
Unions, flange adapters, grooved flange adapters, NPT adapters, flared and integral ferrule tube adapters
Needle and check valves
Elbows, tees and caps
Reducers and reducer adapters
Filter housings
Different materials based on your chemistries

Using more than 25 years of fluid handling experience, well-trained employees and a controlled manufacturing facility, your design will be transformed into the actual assembly. Our patented PureBond® welding process secures your components into a leak-free network. Whatever the design requires – standard, minimum or special – our experienced technicians will perform them with precision. Special fixtures can be created to hold your complex structures. After fabrication, your assembly is functionally tested to ensure weld integrity. After testing, your assembly is packaged to maintain its cleanliness.

The product you needed to solve your needs is now ready. And, you can expect the same quality from this custom assembly or system as you do of any Entegris component. We use high-quality resins, workmanship and expertise for designing and manufacturing your special product.

Welding Procedures 

Download & View the PureBond® Welding Tool Operations Manual in Adobe PDF format.
You will first need to have the Adobe Acrobat Reader ActiveX control or plug-in installed on your computer.